Should students look beyond top universities and metro cities while deciding to study abroad?

There are various things to consider while choosing a college. There are various points relate to education both India and abroad. We, at Seven Seas Education Consultancy believe that one should expand the horizons while opting for colleges abroad.

There are various reasons to believe so. It definitely isn’t all encompassing to to just go for higher ranked metropolitan centric colleges while zeroing on a course and university. Our long standing experience in the field of education overseas and seeing dreams and aspirations find the right flight to soar. We would like to throw light upon how necessary it is to consider the necessary aspects of the colleges that aren’t exactly situated in the metros and how they can be a life changing decision for our students.

Off radar colleges generally have many perks that are generally overlooked by half information and impulsive decisions to secure a college seat.

These are:

Better acceptance rates: The acceptance rates in colleges beyond metros are generally better as the competition is positively manageable. A decent score in competitive exams is given full respect and acceptability whilst on the other side the students are compelled to keep struggling even if they are smart and have high scores.

Better growth opportunities: Further career gets catapulted with such a choice as off metro colleges help the individuals get better chances to secure career security. There is always going to be an increased hand at lucrative job and career options during the course time and much after it. This is a power that an individual cannot get with the competition in the metropolis.

Serenity and Peace: Off metro colleges are a dreamland for people who want to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Giving them the joys and advantages of a peaceful and fresh start.

Warm people: People in the off metro college locations are welcoming and empathetic. They are very accepting to the students and make the most to make them feel at home. They not only give them the advantage of having the essential part of being one with the community but also the ability to make that place a bit like themselves.

We thus believe that all the students aspiring to study abroad should also consider the options of studying outside the conventional metropolitan centers and seek the options of going a little in the outskirts and see the life altering impacts it will make to them.


Should every student be concerned about post study work visa? choice of university should depend upon work visa or passions?

Every students wants the best exposure when it comes to studying abroad. They want to test the waters everywhere and see whats in store for them. The expansive knowledge available along the globe is tested by many factors. There are many things that the students have in mind when it comes to their choice of Universities abroad. Some of which are, the country, the course, the curriculum, the college, the level of acceptance in the country, the food, the cost of living, the people and further opportunities.

Most often than not there is a case where the student looks for one single most deciding factor while choosing a college or a University, that is there want and need to continue to stay abroad even when the course has ended.

This, they supplement with the idea of securing a work visa as soon as their student visa expires in order to stay in the country and discover further opportunities. But we, at Seven Seas Education Consultancy with our long standing expertise in successful education projects abroad would like to refute this idea.

In fact we believe the ideal way to study out is to find where your passion lies. It might be a particular place, it might be a specific course and it might be a a college of choice. But one should never just consider the top universities abroad because there is eventually much more that is going to be necessary beyond a name.

These are the few reasons we request our students to expand their horizons:

1) More experience: There is always a better chance of securing more opportunities when you expand the horizons to inculcate choices apart from the college you want.

2) Better interpersonal relationships: There are better bonds forged when you meet people in fresh settings in a place where you really want to be, leaving apart the pressure of securing a brand name in college.

3) Better chances of acceptance: Going to a college where you feel the rank  might not be amongst the top categories but nonetheless there is the liberty of having a brighter chance to secure a seat, would give you a positive start in catapulting your career.

These reasons are sure enough to prove that college ranks shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing a college, instead it should be passion that should drive you.

Studying in europe is more fun than india? how and why?

It is always said that exposure is the essence of education. The more you receive it in your early years, the better base you pan out for yourself in the later times.

There are many students who keep wondering as to whether they should have stayed in India or soared to opportunities outside. Although at Seven Seas Education Consultants, with our experience and know how of many years, feel that studying in Europe is far far better than studying in India. There are many reasons for believing so.

The first is that it is like Living a Dream. Yes, you read it right. College is like stepping into the real world. You lead a life without rules, where you are on yourself, and need to find your own base. There are thus needs to do it in a place where you feel have the complete freedom and a life without inhibitions to be able to do

  1. Only a place like Europe is going to be able to give you the right atmosphere and experience that you need at such a stage.


The next is the level of opportunities. Now it is taken that education is about the right opportunities. If you aren’t able to find the best ones for yourself, you will forever be trying to climb up the ladder whereas you could have easily firmed the right step much earlier. There is a world of opportunities and courses outside in Europe. Primarily for any course that you want to study no matter what the discipline is. You would find globally recognized courses and principles everywhere. This is something hard to find in India, where these is still the proliferation of only a few courses.

The difference of Outlook, is one essential factor that can make a students life fairly better if they choose to study in Europe over India. It is more multicultural, encompassing, global and enriching as a continent then ours.

Career benefits Europe are unmatched to that in India, rest assured, you know that you can build for yourself a world of prospects straight out of University with the right frame of skills and employability, something that students in India have to continuously suffer for.

Quality of Education is at par with the leading global education players in Europe as they have certainly the most developed research and development that India aims for. Thus European Universities are a better option to study that India.

We conclude saying that Seven Seas Education Consultants surely gives a better weightage and applause for the European Universities in making the education process much more holistic and profitable than the Indian Universities.

why should we choose immigration over work permit?

Gone are the days where someone thought that they need to build their aspirations, needs, desires and eventually their life around the place they are born in. It generally was believed that it is only territorially where we are bound that we need to figure out where we can go.

But the world today is a global village. There is so much to do, explore, learn, find and see everywhere without any bondage of space and time.

But then again what matters the most are the rules. They have functioned and will remain to be on the sphere for time immemorial. They will not continue to seize the spectrum ever.

People now are moving to countries far and wide to see what they are capable of becoming, achieving and being. There are various ways to achieve this. Seven Seas immigration Consultancy has had a profound experience in international immigration’s and professional expertise of having individuals capture what they believe in the countries and continents of their choice. There are various reasons why we believe that attaining immigration is always better than getting a work permit. Now there are various reasons for having it so, some of the reasons are:

1) Prejudice Free: Immigration gives you the unmatched advantage of being a part of the country of your choice for indefinite periods, You re not bond by the shackles of permits, time and prejudice. You are as much a citizen as the residential natives. There is always a better mindset when you know that you have reached your place of choice and there is nothing more to worry about. There is always better focus then on the vocation, better opportunities and trying to form a good life.

2) Economic Efficiency: A longer stay means there is so much more one can plan professionally. Career wise, a work permit always leaves an individual with employers who would always question their employability no matter what their level of skills are as their ability to be able to be present for prolonged periods is always a dubious virtue. You can settle a business, invest more if you have immigration as compared to a work permit.

3) All the handwork done for once! – There are people who believe that in a work permit altelast once you achieve it and reach the country of your choice half the battle is won. Nobody wants to put energies towards immigration which we feel is a big mistake as whatever time, convenience and energies that you put into getting immigration is all a one time effort. Once you attain that you are done once and for all. A work permit upon expiry always leaves your hands tied in the same position as to where you started from. Hence, it is always better to work once and then live peacefully.

Expert consultants like Seven Seas who have an ocean of knowledge to make the visa attainment a smooth process for you know how to do, when to do it so that we take your worries and

convert them to virtues.

Come follow your dreams with Seven Seas!

Singapore Education Consultant in Delhi


Singapore is where the world belongs. It is now considered a world class city and the facilities, comforts and technology is much beyond the level of other places. International candidates who aspire to study in the country have a time of their lives as the place is much superior from its other counterparts and the experiences they undergo are breathtaking and life altering. Here are the top reasons why a student should choose Singapore to study over any other region:

  1. Excellent Student Support System:

It is not new to know that Singapore with its burgeoning economy has a little effect on a students pocket too. But the better part is that colleges give excellent scholarship and tuition fee remittence to the students to make colleges and quality education a viable option to them. A great college means the base to a beautiful future is laid already. The merit based programs help each student to get a fair chance and make the most of the opportunities presented to them. Leading Consultancy firm Seven Seas Education Consultants have many collaborations with colleges that can help you attain the courses of your desire in your dream colleges.

  1. Unmatched Quality of Education:

The Asian Continent brands Singapore as its shining star, which has outpaced the rest of its counterparts. It has based its superiority in world class education facilities and has outrun all. There is excellent educational innovation and unprecedented research and development in the country leaving the students with ample of options to grow and proliferate. Graduates and postgraduates of the Singaporean higher education are fit to take on the multicultural global economies. The vision, pace and level of education of Singaporean universities is excellent.

  1. Renowned and Recognized degrees:

Singaporean Universities have been constantly ranked high in the QS rankings. It is the focal point of higher education and innovation and the state backed policies are helping the students run faster than ever before. But what is of note here is that the degrees given out by the colleges aren’t just reputed globally but are recognized and given head by employers and big firms around the world giving the learner an extra edge.

  1. High Quality of Student Life:

It is a highly safe place for the students to reside in. The student body is always secure and under surveillance so that they have a smooth journey. Singapore has been rewarded as the worlds No. 2 safest city. Its multicultural fabric lets the students be around diverse groups of people growing and evolving each moment. Plus to add the city never sleeps, its one of the most lively, adventurous and exploratory as a place.  The english speaking country has great standard of living and a student enjoys the supreme quality of life.

Seven Seas Education Consultancy hopes that each of our students get the most of their experience in the beautiful country.

4 Things You Need To Know About Study In Europe Today.

Europe has remained the picturesque beauty in pop culture. The romanticized locales, the friendly people, the beautiful air, the serene environment, the quite breezes, no wonder it has caught the fancy of tourists all over the world.

There are so many textures in Europe to explore and get astounded with.

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like Europe for more than just a vacation, how about seeking knowledge in a place with a spectrum of avenues to beautiful futures for the students?

Europe is one of the most sought after continents when it comes to education. With colleges ranging from IVY leagues to professional excellence, there is a whole new prodigy of educators in the continent.

There are a number of reasons educators are wanting to focus on the European universities for the children to garner skill building from, but to get in the race with one of the most sought after places an individual needs to have a really great command at priorities, demands, paperwork and great guidance. Seven Seas Education Consultancy is known to have had a great success rate with European Universities and the plethora of options available to students.

The expansive geographies has variations in paperwork requirements and needs and that is where there is a need to use their expertise.

The team is of professionals and specialists in the policies and with them, there is only light and brighter sides to what all you can achieve.

There are many reasons one should consider studying in Europe. Some of which being:

People :The warmth, friendliness and acceptance of people in Europe is unprecedented. Added to that is the fact that it is a melting bowl of culture and many Indians have found their home in the place,  making it just like our own country.

Standard of Living: Living in Europe is living straight out of a luxurious painting. The beauty, splendor, standard and silence is all going to take the better off you to make it a great experience.

Prospects: The continent not only has beauty nut also the most leading economy in the world when put together. the development and skills are unmatched. One can be assured to get the best colleges and seek immediate employment side by side.

Weather: The climate of the continent is varied just as our country. So no matter where one comes from, they can always find refuge in a bit of their own.

Europe is the land of dreams and achievement, and at Seven Seas we are there to stick next to you in helping you get the best, reach the highest and have a smooth journey achieving all that you deserve!

Australia Immigration – Perfect Destination for IT

Australia is the perfect amalgamation of modernity and tradition. With natural beauty taking one’s breath away at every step, it is a country that is considered the best to stay in by many.

The amiable culture, accepting vibes, thriving economy and opportunities for one and ll have made Australia one of the most sought-after destinations for moving to.

The education and coupled research and development have always been a channelizing agent in leading to the top possibilities for individuals looking at Australia for a viable space to move to.

There are many reasons this is considered so, some of which being;

– Even in todays times of erratic economies, a condition like this has never quite affected Australia. The rate of unemployment is low in the country.

– There are excellent opportunities in the IT industry in Australia. There are booming off sourcing cases in the sector and the Universities too are offering courses catering to the changing needs of the industry, giving the students an edge over the others with updated and dedicated curriculums in Information and Technology.

– In particular specializations there is a demand and a rewarding pay such as in the network security industry.

– There is always a burgeoning need of employees in general as well.

There are certain points to keep in mind while choosing the IT career option in Australia. The primary being expert guidance. The immigration policies in Australia have been tighter than before and the assisted efforts by individuals can help them secure the best job according to their competency, educational background, status of paperwork and desires.

Seven Seas Education Consultancy has bright training programs for individuals who want to opt for Australia as there place of work. From guiding the impeccable paperwork, to training for interviews and helping secure the best career options

that one dreams of, they have covered it all.

With collaborative measures with some of the biggest names in Australia, transform to a new you with Seven Seas Education Consultancy.