Should students look beyond top universities and metro cities while deciding to study abroad?

There are various things to consider while choosing a college. There are various points relate to education both India and abroad. We, at Seven Seas Education Consultancy believe that one should expand the horizons while opting for colleges abroad.

There are various reasons to believe so. It definitely isn’t all encompassing to to just go for higher ranked metropolitan centric colleges while zeroing on a course and university. Our long standing experience in the field of education overseas and seeing dreams and aspirations find the right flight to soar. We would like to throw light upon how necessary it is to consider the necessary aspects of the colleges that aren’t exactly situated in the metros and how they can be a life changing decision for our students.

Off radar colleges generally have many perks that are generally overlooked by half information and impulsive decisions to secure a college seat.

These are:

Better acceptance rates: The acceptance rates in colleges beyond metros are generally better as the competition is positively manageable. A decent score in competitive exams is given full respect and acceptability whilst on the other side the students are compelled to keep struggling even if they are smart and have high scores.

Better growth opportunities: Further career gets catapulted with such a choice as off metro colleges help the individuals get better chances to secure career security. There is always going to be an increased hand at lucrative job and career options during the course time and much after it. This is a power that an individual cannot get with the competition in the metropolis.

Serenity and Peace: Off metro colleges are a dreamland for people who want to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Giving them the joys and advantages of a peaceful and fresh start.

Warm people: People in the off metro college locations are welcoming and empathetic. They are very accepting to the students and make the most to make them feel at home. They not only give them the advantage of having the essential part of being one with the community but also the ability to make that place a bit like themselves.

We thus believe that all the students aspiring to study abroad should also consider the options of studying outside the conventional metropolitan centers and seek the options of going a little in the outskirts and see the life altering impacts it will make to them.


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