Benefits of Learning A New Language

Nelson Mandela once said, “if you talk to a man in a language he understands it goes to his head, but if you talk to a man in his language it goes to his heart.” We at Seven Seas Education Consultancy with our unmatched experience in foreign language training feel that it is nothing, but the utmost true statement that can be posed about the necessity to knowing languages beyond english.

Because this is a treasure that will follow you everywhere in the form of your wit and knowledge. To know languages beyond your mother tongue is to possess other souls, it indeed is necessary and important and advantageous. Geoffrey Williams goes ahead to say, that you cannot understand one language up until you understand two!

There are a plethora of globally relevant languages that have now been tagged as rather necessary to learn and grow with. There are many reasons as to why learning a new language can be so much more productive and beneficial for a person who is trying to garner better skills.

Because there is one thing that we truly believe in, learn everything you can, anytime you can and from anywhere you can, there will surely be a time that you will be grateful that you did.

Do not limit  your knowledge of the language hereby limiting the knowledge of your world. There are various reasons why you can learn foreign languages:

1) It helps you in a practicability of sating and interacting with the people in both personal and professional matters in that country. Something that otherwise is not a possible trait to attain lest, achieve.

It also helps an individual forge comfort for himself/herself along the way in trying to find out what it means to be truly a part of a culture and the social milieu of a place and a geography.

2) It is a greatly revered trait professionally if one is able to garner a plethora of languages to back their resume. It not only seems that the person is more eligible and has a better edge over the others, it also reflects their wide readability, their expanse of knowledge and their technical expertise over others.

3) It sharpens you and your abilities over others. As it is said learning a language in the early stages is easy but garnering knowledge beyond an age is a good mental exercise and sharpens an individual further.

4) Language learning is an enriching process in itself. Learning a new thing, getting to introduce yourself to it step by step and eventually leaning in to a better, more knowledgeable phase of it is such a great virtue.

5) Knowing the native language while applying for visas and immigration is one of the most top most credentials that you can add to yourself. It certainly gives you better credibility and a mark over the others who are applying.

There are various language options that are available in India to learn and gain from. Languages like French, Spanish, German etc are not only widely spoken but also are extremely viable economically and can help the learner in various virtues.

Teaching and learning of these helps the reader pass on the knowledge profitably and gain effectively in various ways to procure benefits out of their learning.

There are increments in the worldview and the global knowledge is an added benefit to the effort.

But consecutively there are various things to keep in mind while finding the best training institute to help you learn a language.

1)  The experience: It matters a lot whether the trainers have had a long standing knowledge of teaching personnel and how the learners have faired in the way they have responded to what has been taught to them.

2)   Their approach: The ones who make you understand that a language is the roadmap to a culture. It is the mirror that reflects upon a person’s past present and future in terms of the socio-political aspects of the country and the culture.

3) Their speed: It is important to understand that each student is at a different stage while learning. Not only the learning stage, but also the pace and picking up style is different they need to keep it all in mind.

4) Structure of language: Their is an importance to teach the language in the sense that it reflects the available usability, the practical importance and the pronunciation and grammatical level at which the language exists.

5) Proper certification: Whether the learners are given appropriate certification to back their learning is also one of the most necessary things to check and make certain.


We at Seven Seas Education Consultancy are humbled with the experiences that we have had with foreign language teaching and our team of experts can help you garner the best of it all.


Come learn and soar high with us, in the lap of learning and knowledge!