Australia why and how to choose a college for study abroad

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country with multiculturalism and freedom. There are a world of opportunities to explore and gain from.

The cost effectiveness and excellent quality of education are two of the main reasons that have made Australia the third most sought after country to move to for education. With the less tuition costs the standard of living in Australia is extremely high and there are a plethora of internship ad job opportunities available to the students during and after the course duration.

There is a booming student strength in Australia and there are various reasons as to why students are opting for it as their preferred location to gain knowledge and grow.

  1. Educational Excellence

Education in Australia is considered to be of one of the highest quality and the excellence is beyond measure. Adding to that it has great variations of course availability and pocket friendly knowledge with numerous future aspects.

The courses are a great mixture of theoretical knowledge backed by applicability. It has unmatched research and development to boast of.

  1. Global recognition:

The educational prospects in Australia and the degrees bestowed hold excellent global recognition and repute. They are considered highly of everywhere.

  1. Multicultural society

Australia boosts harmony, multiculturalism, acceptance and friendliness, there is a little for everyone and all those who come here can see a part of themselves everywhere. It welcomes one and all with open arms.

  1. Choose the right options:

It is important to  look into the great amount of avenues that are right in front and seek the universities and courses that fit the bill for you individually. A great exposure not only leads to a better experience in the beginning but an excellent future eventually. And because of the country being less populated there are more opportunities available in a less competitive environment available in Australia than in any other country.

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Skill Independent Visa Applications to Australia sees uptick in Volume

The trend has shown, the number of application invites for immigration to Australia from India increasing exponentially during the first two months (January- February) in 2016. This has helped in the reduction of the waiting period for Skill select occupation invitations, and also lead to a lessening in the basic minimum point score for provisional occupation invitations such as business analysts, CA’s, and software specialists etc.

Australia has an online service called Skill Select which helps manage skill migration programs. This process aids classifying migration into Australia, based on its economic stage and the then current requirement. Every round has 1,300 invitations per round while the lesser needed score points for provisional occupations have witnessed an uptick.

The number of invitations that have been bailed out, the waiting-time and the minimum points needed for the different visa classifications like Skilled Independent Subclass 189 and Family sponsored 489 with regard to the provisional professions such as business analysts, chartered accountants, and software specialists are mentioned. When applying for an Australian visa, it always advisable to consider approaching immigration consultants, since they are best equipped to help the aspirants seek immigration to Australia from India. They make sure that there are least possible loopholes in the application being forwarded.

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