Should every student be concerned about post study work visa? choice of university should depend upon work visa or passions?

Every students wants the best exposure when it comes to studying abroad. They want to test the waters everywhere and see whats in store for them. The expansive knowledge available along the globe is tested by many factors. There are many things that the students have in mind when it comes to their choice of Universities abroad. Some of which are, the country, the course, the curriculum, the college, the level of acceptance in the country, the food, the cost of living, the people and further opportunities.

Most often than not there is a case where the student looks for one single most deciding factor while choosing a college or a University, that is there want and need to continue to stay abroad even when the course has ended.

This, they supplement with the idea of securing a work visa as soon as their student visa expires in order to stay in the country and discover further opportunities. But we, at Seven Seas Education Consultancy with our long standing expertise in successful education projects abroad would like to refute this idea.

In fact we believe the ideal way to study out is to find where your passion lies. It might be a particular place, it might be a specific course and it might be a a college of choice. But one should never just consider the top universities abroad because there is eventually much more that is going to be necessary beyond a name.

These are the few reasons we request our students to expand their horizons:

1) More experience: There is always a better chance of securing more opportunities when you expand the horizons to inculcate choices apart from the college you want.

2) Better interpersonal relationships: There are better bonds forged when you meet people in fresh settings in a place where you really want to be, leaving apart the pressure of securing a brand name in college.

3) Better chances of acceptance: Going to a college where you feel the rank  might not be amongst the top categories but nonetheless there is the liberty of having a brighter chance to secure a seat, would give you a positive start in catapulting your career.

These reasons are sure enough to prove that college ranks shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing a college, instead it should be passion that should drive you.